The Challenge

The NZ business wanted a new website design that showcases the extensive range of offerings effectively, and one that enables an enjoyable experience for customers interacting with the website. This digital project involved a re-design of all web pages including the key pages – About Us, Homepage, Contact Us and Product pages.

The Product Overview along with all the intricate details and gallery images had to be restructured for easy browsing. One of the bigger challenges for the web development team was to simplify exhaustive product information without overwhelming the user.

The Outcome

The all-new web page design of Trellis Fence & Gate Makers echoes a fresh, bold and artistic appeal that resonates aptly with the brand identity. Carefully-selected pictures that bring out the quality quotient and style of all products were laid out symmetrically throughout the website. Furthermore, our web design team added photo sliders to swipe on touch devices for hassle-free browsing.

We also implemented an easy-to-manage Contact Management System (CMS) and ensured that web pages work in all modern browsers, tablets and mobile phones.

Bold Colours

We used two main complementary colours, complete with modern graphic elements, nice fonts and creative illustrations. A splash of bright orange was sparsely used to highlight key content. The logo unit designed by our graphic designers is contemporary and unique with design elements in sync with the products. All in all, we developed an aesthetically-compelling and a good website design that offers great brand visibility – a substantial makeover compared to the old website.

Super-Optimised for Mobile

The cutting-edge and good website design was extended to mobile views as well, making browsing the website enjoyable for users. In a matter of a few clicks and swipes, all information about the brand could be easily accessible.

Sell Online the Better Way with Graphic Illustrations

Nothing conveys a brand’s essence like well-designed creative illustrations and design elements. We created several such illustrations and brand icons, lavishly displayed throughout the website along with the comprehensive product information and marketing content.

How we help

Digital presence is very important for businesses today. Even if the website is simple, it should serve its purpose to provide answers and convince customers that your brand is the right choice. Stunning pictures and a UX-friendly design can immerse a potential customer in your services, make them feel relaxed, and have them thinking about “when” and not “if”.

We’ll journey with you and help you explore the digital solutions that will benefit your business.

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