The Challenge

The NZ business wanted a high-performing website design that loads fast and provides the admin of the company to enter new stock details quickly. This includes fast product uploads for the admin without any hassle. The company also wanted an overview design and drop-down menu, which would enable users to access the entire list of materials within the portfolio.

Universal Granite wanted to invest in custom web development built to perfection and complete with striking design elements for aesthetic value. Navigational ease was at the forefront of their requirements too. Furthermore, the company wanted the data automation feature i.e. a mere “click and add slab” option to be activated instead of tedious updates to the excel spreadsheet.

The Outcome

The Web Design team at FutureLab Digital built a user-friendly website with textures and patterns inspired by the grandeur of the granite stone. Large-sized pictures of this versatile material were displayed flamboyantly on the banner. The inventory page showcased the extensive range of granite products for quick purchases. We retained the relevant brand colours to maintain the brand identity across all web page designs.

Exquisite Display

The highlight of the website—the professional pictures of luxuriant natural stones—were adorned as a background image and page theme throughout the website. The rich textures and the versatile range of colours and products were hosted lavishly on the website. Aesthetically, the royal appeal of these expensive granite stones helped improve the overall look and feel of the website.

Mobile-friendly Web Page Designs

The NZ business website was dressed to perfection on the mobile platform too, combined with relevant design elements and resized pictures apt for mobile use. Detailed product information and respective pictures filled the digital landscape of the website that boasts of a rich portfolio of offerings.

Suitably Positioned on the Web

Universal Granite, the largest wholesaler of granite products in New Zealand, was aptly positioned digitally. With adequate product information and navigational ease, we built a high-performing website for one of New Zealand’s successful businesses.

How we help

Digital presence is very important for businesses today. Even if the website is simple, it should serve its purpose to provide answers and convince customers that your brand is the right choice. Stunning pictures and a UX-friendly design can immerse a potential customer in your services, make them feel relaxed, and have them thinking about “when” and not “if”.

We’ll journey with you and help you explore the digital solutions that will benefit your business.

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