Bookme SCLabs


Southern Community Laboratories needed a solution to help organise requests from students who wanted to make bookings for immunity screening blood tests at the University of Otago Health Sciences and Radiation Therapy and Otago Polytechnic.

Imagine the need to process thousands if not ten thousand blood test requests. This always starts with finding a portal and give the students the correct form. Next is to give them a list of available times which itself is always updating. Payment is required at the very end. This means SCLabs needed something to do all of that in one place.

The Outcome

A simple website with a booking system was needed to make everything easier for everyone. The Bookme SCLabs website is a perfect example of streamlining processes using technology and in this case, the internet as well.

Bookme SCLabs website is a site which allows users to book blood tests without hassle. The user starts the process by clicking into a button and the website takes them through the process of selecting an institution, recording details, choosing a time and payment. The system is quick and easy to use.

On the other end, SCLabs will receive notifications of requests from the website and start processing them from there.


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