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FashioNZ is an established NZ fashion industry regular, focused on blogging and following all things fashion since 1998. However, this influential online fashion magazine had been operating on an old, clunky CMS that was starting to break down. FashioNZ needed a custom web solution that would  retain their vast archives while reducing manual work and showcasing a fresh and updated branding.

The Outcome

This was a challenging and exciting project for FutureLab Digital. We had to solve multiple roadblocks, including a myriad of difficulties while working with old software and archived data in many different formats. In addition, the website had to look pristine, while undertaking massive data and product imports, and running complex custom functionality. It wasn’t an easy task but working with the team at FashioNZ, we pulled it off. The website is a dream to view and use and the FashioNZ team have already remarked how easy the site is to manage compared to their old one.

Keeping up with fashion means posting new content – a LOT. We developed custom functionality for FashioNZ around a complex system of custom post types. We created shortcodes for latest, popular, related, and recent posts plus latest slides and events. With 5 custom post types created, new articles are ticked into any of 20+categories and are then automatically posted in the right place online.

Custom Website Design executed for Fasionz by FutureLab
Custom Website Design executed for Fasionz by FutureLab


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