Freyberg School custom website

Freyberg Community School

Fun and colourful web design for Freyberg

FutureLab worked with the wonderful team at Freyberg Community School to create their new website.

It was important to Freyberg to have clear sections of the website for parents and children. Their previous website had a disorganised menu with many blank links, making it difficult to find important information quickly. With a clear and simply menu structure, parents can now read about the school and teachers, enrol their child, and stay up to date with key events and recent news. Meanwhile, students of Freyberg can access a wealth of educational resources from their very own learning centre.

The website design is friendly and welcoming, appealing to children and adults alike. We added some fun design features like the wiggling animation on the homepage and there’s also a prominent gallery categorised into sections for easy viewing.

We developed the Freyberg website using WordPress and customising to the client’s requirements. The school wanted us to design the website using the colour palette of their original logo. They also emphasised the importance of making the website ‘child-friendly’ and they loved the animations we came up with, plus the redesigned logo. The backend of the website is easy to use, meaning the school staff can manage content upload themselves and run the website autonomously.

To have a closer look at our work, head over to Freyberg Community School.


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