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Integrity1’s website was due for an update. The brand new website design was needed to better present Integrity1’s values and the services they provide. As we head into the new decade, digital presence becomes more and more prominent for businesses of all sizes. Integrity1 wanted to stay on top of their game by improving usability for their digital visitors. A website is not only a communication tool in this modern age. A website can become a subsidy to marketing or a way to bring value by inserting new functionalities.

The Outcome

Whilst keeping the logo the same, FutureLab Digital and Integrity1 worked on overhauling everything from font style, font size to colour palette and the overall structure of the website. We showcased content in such a way that it was comfortable for users to process information. We added new sections such as the rolling gallery to the homepage. Additionally, we wanted to do away with the tiredness a user may experience from viewing lengthy paragraphs.

We improved the visual appeal of the new site by adding icons and buttons appropriately. FutureLab Digital followed a professional approach with content positioning. Furthermore, we improved usability for visitors by guiding them with icons and call-to-action buttons.

Our Web Design experts also enhanced the User Experience (UX) with the new layout that better organises the content. For example, a new structure was needed for the team member section and its lengthy list of profile images and descriptions. We resolved this by creating single profile pages for each team member. We also transferred a vast amount of content from the About Us page to single profile pages.

Our team added further value by creating a new section for job listings. As a result, we successfully met the need of simplifying the process of advertising new job roles on the website.

Take a look at the end product. Visit the Integrity1 website. The updated website now communicates Integrity1’s brand values better. The user journey is improved and enhanced with visual stimulation and the elimination of lengthy pages. The above combined with new functionalities gave Integrity1 a brand-new website with a higher value.

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