Kaha Sciences branding we've done presented on a Mac

Kaha Sciences


Kaha Sciences is a newly formed company created by a team of experienced scientists pioneering the wireless power and telemetry technology for animal research. We didn’t pretend to understand the technology that Kaha Science creates – but we knew exactly what the company needed for their brand new website!

The Outcome

Kaha Sciences have an informative website which helps promote their product offerings and keep customers up to date with their latest news. The website has been designed for the Kaha Sciences team to manage themselves, mixing simplicity with the ability to add detailed information and providing huge flexibility in how the page and product content can be presented. Check out the new Kaha Sciences website here.

The Kaha Sciences website is a great example of starting with a client-friendly, intuitive content management system (WordPress) and then building complex custom functionality on top of this base. It’s the best of both worlds, and why we highly recommend WordPress – it puts the client in control with a user-friendly backend, but provides us with endless ability to customise and create complex functionality that will run in the backend.


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