Motor Co

A car purchasing site with ‘app-style’ integration


80% of Motor Co’s customer use mobile to search through their listed vehicles. As the present site wasn’t designed for mobile-first, there was a concern that a number of potential customers where being lost due to user experience on devices. The new site needed to mobile-first.

The Outcome

We designed the new website with ‘app-style’ integration. From slide-out filters to instant price adjustments when add-ons are added. Motor Co’s full package was arranged to make the customer journey flow from vehicle range and finance, to on-going services and support. The vehicle content is automatically updated from a management system. Keeping the vehicle listings up to date.

A custom developed carousel allows for multiple vehicles and promotions above the fold-line. And it’s totally responsive.

One of the key functions on the Motor Co site was ‘vehicle search’. We designed a simple to use slide out filter, to avoid users having to click the arrow key, multiple of times to go back to complete a function. This filter appears on any page by just clicking the ‘search vehicle’ button. This might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised as too how many websites don’t have a solution for a simple action like this.

Top of the requirements for the new Motor Co website was that it was responsive without compromising user experience. The site was designed and built that no matter what device was used the structure would adjust without losing its functionality. We also developed customised functions where the user can choose to add an add-on and get a price instantly.


  • Motor Co

    Motor Co

    A car purchasing site with ‘app-style’ integration

  • Discount Tyres

    Discount Tyres

    We delivered a website that stands out among its competitors while staying true to the Discount Tyres brand.

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