MS Auckland


MS Auckland provides community-based support to people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through a range of services to help them deal with this condition. MS Auckland provides support through counselling, wellness programs and community advisor services. We wanted to communicate this message in an effective manner through a modern and visually appealing website design outlining their major services.

The Outcome

We revamped the website giving it a modern and sleek look using a warm-toned colour palette. We focused on highlighting what the brand stands for and how it can help improve lives of people living with MS. We simplified the user journey and made it convenient for them to find what they were looking for, whether it was learning about the condition, services provided by MS Auckland or making an impact through volunteering, donation or fundraising.

We created a user-friendly and responsive website for improved customer engagement. All the services and resources are shown through drop downs to avoid overloading the user with a lot of information. Users can choose to read more information about the condition, quickly scroll through their vast resources, or get involved with MS Auckland by simply filling out a form.


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