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NZBlinds is a premier provider of window blinds in New Zealand, offering a wide range of blinds and shades to suit various interior designs and functional needs.

NZBlinds faced significant challenges with their online presence. Their website was slow, cumbersome, and difficult to manage. This not only affected their team’s efficiency but also led to a poor user experience, hampering their Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) efforts. The outdated platform was not well optimised for mobile devices, further limiting their reach and engagement with potential customers.

The primary goal was to overhaul the NZBlinds website, transforming it into a user-friendly, fast, and SEO-optimised platform. Key objectives included enhancing user experience, increasing engagement and organic reach, and ultimately boosting revenue through digital strategies.

The Outcome

User Experience Design

Our UX designer revamped the website’s user interface and experience. The focus was on simplifying navigation, streamlining the purchase process, and ensuring that the website was intuitive and easy to use.

Mobile Optimisation

We recognised the growing importance of mobile web browsing and tailored the website to offer a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets.

Frontend Technology

Leveraging React technology, we developed a front-end framework that significantly improved website speed and performance. This approach not only made the site faster but also more SEO-friendly.

Our strategic overhaul led to impressive gains across various metrics right after launch:

  1. Revenue: Rose by 37.23%, a direct result of our digital strategies.
  2. Views: Almost doubled with a 94.4% uplift, showcasing engaging content.
  3. Home Page Traffic: Expanded by 163.6%, reflecting a strong initial user connection.
  4. Event Count per User: Climbed by 51.27%, showing deeper individual engagement.
  5. Views per Session: Grew by 150.6%, illustrating the site’s captivating nature.

The transformation of NZBlinds’ website has not only improved user experience but also significantly impacted their business outcomes. The integration of technology with a focus on user-centric design proved to be a game-changer, turning their website into a powerful tool for business growth and customer engagement.


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