Te Reo Singalong

Connecting with users through creative illustrations


Te Reo Singalong wanted a good website design that retains the overall feel and vibe of the current site; however, they wanted a whole new level of navigating ease and better functionality. Te Reo Singalong sells books and videos that help children learn in a fun way with colourful pictures and passionate storytelling. Building a web design in keeping with their brand identity and target audience was an important objective.

The Outcome

The website wears a colourful theme and eye-catching illustrations in keeping with the brand persona. A host of bright colours and animated pictures are captivating. The good website design supports easy browsing, which was the main goal. We extended the vibe of the old website with a refreshing new creative dimension. The graphic design Auckland team created a functionality-rich, high-performing website design for Te Reo Singalong.

We laid out a consistent and colour-balanced design elements throughout the whole website – from the landing page to the very last page. Web Design Illustrations were used in different ways—some like a watermark in the background and some to depict the topic highlighted.

Te Reo Singalong offers numerous educational resources of different types and we integrated this entire gamut of offerings in eye-popping colours and graphic design.

te reo singalong

Nothing convinces prospective customers like testimonials. Customers who have bought and used the company’s books, videos and other products are aptly suited to offer an opinion.

We added several testimonies of parents who purchased Te Reo Singalong products in a carousel format for a quick read.


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