Are you struggling to grow your customer-base online? Having a good website design can make all the difference to your success. From SEO-friendly content to beautiful branded visuals, there are many ways to grow your audience, and target them more accurately. Expand your business prospects today by following our essential website development tips:

1. Think about the User Experience

The user experience is everything when it comes to acquiring and keeping customers. If your website interface is well-designed and easy to navigate, it is more likely that customers will stay on the page and return to your website in the future. Navigational components such as the search field, menu button, links, tabs, and icons should be well-mapped out on the page. Most users of the internet have certain expectations when navigating a website, so don’t overcomplicate your website interface design—keep it simple, predictable, and consistent so that you make things easy for users. The last thing you want to do is confuse users and drive them away from your website.

2. Include Easy Calls to Action

The purpose of a call to action is to drive an immediate response that will lead to a sale. Common examples of a call to action include the action words, ‘Buy now,’ ‘Shop here,’ or ‘Contact us.’

It’s important that you make the call to action easy to follow for your audience, because if users have to search for things themselves, it’s much less likely they will complete the action. Implementing contact buttons, social media buttons, or sign up forms in key areas of your website will be most helpful at driving conversions.

Use Quality Content and Visuals that Capture Your Brand

Having content that is genuinely useful and interesting to your key audience is one of the best ways to acquire more customers online. Quality content will keep your customers coming back to your website, whether it be in the form of blogs, white-papers, or video. However, it’s not enough to just have good content, it’s also essential that the content on your website uses good SEO practices, as this will help the content to rank well on search engines. After all, if people can’t find your content when searching the web, what’s the point?

Having great visuals will help your content to shine. Look for enticing images that tell a story about your brand. Once you have the perfect photos for your website, make sure that the images are compressed to the right file size. Images that are too large can slow down your website loading speed, which could be harmful to the user experience. 

Don’t forget to add descriptive, keyword rich alternative text to all your website images. Adding alt text helps to tell users and search engines about the image, which helps to improve your search rankings. Most custom website management systems allow you to add alt text easily when editing the image.

Grow Your Customer Base with the Help of Digital Consultants

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