UX Design – User Experience (UX) & Interface Design (UI)

UX design builds a brand. Our goal is for your business website to increase conversions and retention. We achieve this through our user exploration process and CRO plan. Find out how we build a CRO plan here.

Our user exploration process breakdown


Research is fundamental to address your customers’ needs. As a result, we need to put ourselves in their shoes, and understand their goals and motivations. What is working for them, what is frustrating them. The use of heat mapping can identify key areas. From this information we can help you either refine your user personas’ or create them.


This is where we really start to implement the customer journey through research collected in the observation stage. Subsequently, user flows are developed, a series of steps a user takes to achieve a meaningful goal.


We refine the user flow charts into an interactive prototype. We create delightful visual stories that answer the user’s goals. From a technical point of view, we refine the design, implementing SEO benefits without affecting the overall look of the site.


A/B testing is used to refine and collect research on the customer journey. It can also show you any task that isn’t quite achieving the users goals before you go live.

One point we must make is customer experiences are always evolving. Our tastes change, we can be influenced by others or social events. So listen to your market and never stop exploring.