WordPress Retainer: Monthly Support & Consulting

Building a WordPress website is one thing, but keeping it running smoothly is a whole different ball game. We’re bigger than just theme developers, and here at FutureLab, we do more than develop websites.

We offer a WordPress retainer service that covers everything from troubleshooting to plug-in installations. No matter which industry you are in, your business will require constant innovation to stay at the top of your game. Modified products, services, and offerings need to be reflected in your website. For the evolving creation of your website, there is no better team to have at your side than ours.

Why do you need a WordPress retainer?

As anyone in business knows, your products and services won’t remain stationary, and your company’s presence is connected to its website. A stagnant website is no good for the business, and an inaccurate website introduces needless friction in your customer’s conversion journey. You have an ongoing need to grow your website to provide extra functionality and take innovative steps forward in your industry.

A team that provides monthly WordPress support is key to ensuring success. Our WordPress consulting and support services operate much like a website hosting and maintenance service, with a key difference: a clear plan for growth. Whether it is a promotional calendar or a business timeline, we walk alongside you and adapt your existing website to suit ever-shifting needs. Our services in this arena include: