What’s in store for mobile marketing next year or even in the years to come?

More Businesses Are Going to Spend for It

This year, U.S. companies have already spent more than $2 billion for mobile ads alone. However, in 2013, over 65 percent of them are planning to spend more. There are two major reasons for this. First, they are quickly recognizing the strong relationship between their customers and their mobile phones; the former couldn’t live without the latter. In fact, the phones have become their own lives. They do almost everything in that teeny-weeny device.

Second, these companies have also felt the intense competition. Whether you like it or not, more people are venturing into business, and this means more potential competitors for you. If they can tap these mobile customers first, then they have a good chance of beating the others.

But that does mean you should start spending a lot on mobile marketing? No. You need a foolproof plan for that. But it’s better to be very prepared financially.

Mobile Phones Will Have More Ads

Mobile phones are a completely different platform, but some of the strategies applied in traditional online marketing may still apply. These include ads. If you haven’t seen them yet, all you need to do is to download an app. Usually you’ll see these ads running in various areas of the app screen.

As expected, you spend for every ad that’s been published or clicked by the mobile phone user, so you could still end up wasting thousands of dollars if the ads don’t work out for you.

To avoid being ignored or to increase the chances of having your ad clicked, enhance the likelihood your ads are viewed by your targeted market. Another option is to craft meaningful and clear ads that would surely entice your potential customers to click on them.

A Lot of People Will Continue Playing Games But . . .

According to a report released by ComScore, more than 75 million of mobile device users are playing games. There’s no doubt games are the hottest apps in the market today. All you have to do is to check out popular mobile app lists. But in the next few years, others may be at par or even beat the games category such as productivity tools.

How does this data affect you? If you want to do mobile marketing today, your safest bet to be downloaded is to create a game app. Keep in mind, however, that your app should be fully related to the business for it to make sense to your leads.

Mobile Marketing Made Easy

Mobile marketing is not for the faint-hearted. It entails a lot of investment, time, effort, patience, and creativity to rise on the top and make the strategy work. But if you’re going to take advantage of the services of true-blue experienced professionals, mobile marketing should be more convenient.

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