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Through our experience, we help this sector achieve better results from their website and online marketing.

Build your digital presence

Your digital presence is very important to your customers and investors. The property and construction markets are more competitive than ever before. Staying on the top of the game and ahead of the competition gives you an edge that makes you stand out, and that’s a difference that matters to your end user.

Everyone has a website these days, but just like a new building, a website can have a “wow” factor that makes it stand out. That’s where we come in. We’re digital architects and we can custom design a website which turns heads, we can use your current brand guidelines – or we can even help you with creating new ones.

Whether you need NZX or ASX data on your website, or if you want to connect to Hubspot, or allow investor logins on your website, we can do it all. We specialise in custom web development, and integrations with other systems is something we do every day. Talk to us, let us know which systems you use, and we’ll help with connecting them to your website.

Whether it’s tenants, buyers or investors, all like to be kept in the loop with current information and regulations. We can help you in creating regular newsletters – we’ll even professionally write them for you, or write up-to-date news section regularly. We also provide SEO and AdWords services, so your website can grow with your business, bringing you new customers.

Your website has to be beautiful, but it also needs to be quick, secure and reliable. That’s why our websites are hosted on the best cloud hosting in the world – Amazon Web Services. We also provide ongoing technical support. We give you access to our support ticketing system, so you can be sure your digital presence is always well taken care of.

We’ll journey with you and help you explore the digital solutions that will benefit your business.

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