A Digital Growth Story with Awanui Labs

Awanui Labs, a premier pathology and healthcare supplier in New Zealand, decided to overhaul their online lab test ordering portal, mytests.co.nz. Their vision? A revamped branding strategy grounded in the principles of user accessibility and a streamlined ordering process for patients.

The Challenge

The mission was to architect a user-friendly online platform where people could effortlessly order pathology lab tests. This platform needed to resonate with the earlier self-referral system, integrating a custom PDF generation. The objective was to bridge the gap between online ordering and in-person testing, ensuring a flawless customer journey.

The Outcome

The result was a rejuvenated design emphasising clarity in language and intuitive navigation. This made it simpler for users to pinpoint the right test. Furthermore, the platform became a trusted and secure hub for New Zealanders to order essential tests from any device, at their convenience.

In terms of design, we transformed complex scientific ideas into relatable concepts. This was achieved using a tailored set of icons for various test categories and integrating photographs that reflected the diverse populace of New Zealand.

Our technical approach hinged on WordPress’s contemporary block editor. This empowered us to create a set of reusable patterns, styles, and blocks, simplifying the content editing process for website managers and creators.

Key Achievements Include

  • A notable 73% year-over-year boost in test order revenue.
  • Decreased administrative overheads: A bespoke PDF attached to each order facilitates patients in undertaking tests at physical labs.
  • Seamless payment gateway integration ensuring safe transactions.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities allowing stakeholders to glean crucial insights swiftly.
  • A robust foundation for the platform, ready to accommodate new features as it evolves over time.

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