New Zealand Geotechnical Society (NZGS) are an organisation with many members and a library database stretching back to the 1970s. FutureLab’s main task was to create a sophisticated library with five different user levels, a complex search function, myriad categories and an enormous back catalogue. We got right to it.


The new NZGS website brings the organisation up to date while preserving the vast catalogue of historical data and making this available to search and filter. The website provides greater control to the NZGS admin, allowing them to self-manage the website while carefully restricting permissions per user. User experience on the website is more personalised and key information is easier to reach.

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Interactive User Profiles and Permissions

There are 5 user levels on the website, each with their own set of permissions and capabilities. This allows members of the organisation to access different functions on the back and frontend of the website. LinkedIn, GeoEngineer, and home branch data can be added for each member.

Library Feature with Custom Tags and Search

The library is the critical centre of the website. Thousands of data going back 40 years can be searched for, accessed and downloaded here. Each library entry can be restricted to particular user groups and has multiple meta data associated with it which allows sophisticated filter and sorting abilities on the frontend. Meanwhile, the NZGS Magazine groups multiple data under each issue and has custom functionality for uploading cover images and pdfs.

Events Calendar with Branch Location and RSVP Features

Each event can be filtered by a variety of meta data, included associated branch location. Users will see the events matching their home branch highlighted upon login. They can RSVP, see attendance numbers, buy tickets, and add the event to their personal calendars.

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