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The Challenge

Working on cool start-up projects with innovative people is one of our favourite things at FutureLab. It’s so satisfying to see a new idea take shape and to use our expert web skills to bring it to life. NZ Bag It is a start-up aiming to reduce plastic in NZ and we reckon that’s pretty awesome.

The Outcome

NZ Bag It are ready to launch onto the New Zealand start-up scene equipped with a slick website that highlights their product showcase and makes it easy for customers to send in their enquiries. The website is customised to NZ Bag It’s needs, with a focus on sharp design while making the website easy to navigate on both the front and backend. We look forward to seeing this exciting company take off in the NZ market.

An eye for design

Not only are these products eco-friendly, they’re also attractive to wear and use. Our web design reflects the sleek, modern look of the NZ Bag It products, with sharp images in a boxed layout and a natural colour palette of soft green and blue tones.

Clever product enquiry popup

On each product page the customer can make a product enquiry using a popup form. The customer simply fills in their details and the quantity needed. Thanks to some backend customisation, NZ Bag It will automatically know which product page the enquiry was sent from, reducing the amount of info the customer needs to fill in.

Interactive website design, easy backend

The website focuses on making things simple for website users and the website manager. Each product page automatically swipes through product type and colours or the customer can scroll through at their own pace. In the backend, custom fields and a simple box layout make it a breeze for NZ Bag It to self-manage their website, changing content or reshuffling the page layout easily.

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