Ryan Wilks, an Australian company specialising in commercial design & manufacturing, deliver tailored solutions to the Government & blue-chip customers. They wanted a responsive website for increased online presence. The client wanted to showcase their entire range of services through a fresh website design. The challenge for us was to declutter and simplify their existing website in order to effectively market their service capabilities and past projects. The company also wanted to modernise their brand and build a befitting web design for better marketing in the digital landscape.


At FutureLab Digital, we understand that a website has a crucial role to play in delivering superior customer experience. With this in mind, we revamped their website creating a clear and organised menu structure to showcase their different services as well as the strategic project implementations carried out in various states of Australia. With improved navigation and a simplified user interface, we built an awesome website that ensures better user engagement and an elevated digital presence for the company.

Revamped Web Design for Easier Navigation

We organised their menu structure to make it easier for users to navigate through their comprehensive service range and successful project implementations in different categories.

Multiple Services at One Place

We wanted to showcase the different services offered by Ryan Wilks while ensuring we don’t overwhelm the user with a cluttered page. We added multiple drop-downs for a clean and user-friendly responsive website.

Showcasing Maintenance Services

We wanted to highlight the company’s maintenance projects in a way that would help the users capture a glimpse of the wide array of services managed by the company.

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